Associate Professor Named Best Academic Researcher for Sustainable transport

Associate Professor Named Best Academic Researcher for Sustainable transport

Published: 21st of May, 2017

Khalifa University Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Arafat Al-Dweik, has been recognized by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Awards for Sustainable Transport in the category of Best Academic Research. Dr. Al-Dweik won for his paper outlining a new transportation system that uses adaptive speed limits (ASL). 

Dr. Al-Dweik proposed a system that can be used to enhance driving conditions on various roads while creating a reduction in traffic accidents, delays and even pollution, congestion, noise, and greenhouse gas emissions.  His paper presented a framework in which drivers are notified of changing speed limits via in-vehicle interactive displays through the use of cellular networks, vehicular ad hoc networks or a hybrid of both. His research follows studies that show that drivers respond better to in-vehicle notifications as opposed to roadside speed limit signs.

“I’m honored to be recognized by the RTA and the Dubai Awards for Sustainable Transport,” said Dr. Al-Dweik. “This paper is the result of ongoing research and development since 2008, part of which has recently been published in the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine. It’s wonderful to see the idea picking up momentum and achieving realization, and I look forward to the next steps, which are continued real life testing and eventually commercialization. I’m grateful to Khalifa University and its students for their help and support.” 
“We are very proud of Dr. Al-Dweik for his hard work and dedication to improving safety and security of transportation,” said Dr. Tod Laursen, Acting President of Khalifa University of Science and Technology. “Khalifa University was established with the goal of assisting the government in the UAE achieve innovation and sustainability in several key areas, one of which was transport and logistics. To that end, we constantly encourage our faculty and students to develop solutions, systems and practices that will foster sustainable transportation. This award is a testament to the fact that we are achieving our goals, and helping to make the roads of the UAE a safer place.”



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