Sustainable Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Energy and Water
Efficiency on Campus

Khalifa University fosters an organizational culture that promotes energy and water conservation and engages with its stakeholders to encourage energy and water-saving behavior.

The EHS Office leads KU’s efforts to improve energy efficiency on campus in various ways in order to reduce our energy consumption, cost, and carbon footprint, and to support the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 and UAE Energy Strategy 2050, by abiding by the following guidelines:

  • Setting clear Energy and Water targets and ensuring these targets are being met and communicated
  • Monitoring and regularly assessing energy and water aspects
  • Conducting programs promoting energy-efficiency
  • Ensuring environmental and energy best practice is properly considered and appropriately applied within all new build and refurbishment projects
  • Minimizing the energy requirements of our buildings
  • Utilizing sustainable sourced energy and water
  • Implementing a Purchasing Policy that promotes use of goods and services that have a lower energy, carbon, environmental and social impact
  • Publishing an annual Environmental Report to include a summary of environmental and energy performance
  • Developing and maintaining environmental frameworks and reporting that promotes data integrity enabling transparent communication and continuous improvement

Facility, Administration and EHS
Sustainability initiatives at KU

The KU EHS and Facility Management Department has started various initiatives toward sustainability, including:

  • Manage to allocate central storage facilities for chemicals and hazardous waste in compliance with EHS requirement in both campuses.
  • Achieved 3% reduction of Energy consumption from the year 2022.
  • Initiated Implementation of Smart Energy Monitoring System for both campus
  • Initiated sustainable and energy saving projects like, Chiller& Package replacement, LED Lights replacement project, life cycle project with efficient and sustainable products for both all campus.
  • Managed to clear/ write off all KU disposal items at both campuses
  • Added 3 Electric Vehicles
  • Remove and replace all one time use items (disposable products)
  • Reduce 70% of drinking water bottles and introducing self-serving by the dispenser
  • Increased recycle waste from 4% to 30%
  • Replace the conventional lights with LED lights in some facilities in the Main campus.
  • Conduct detailed energy survey on SAN and Main campuses and obtain a proposal to replace lights with LED-type.
  • Meet green club student and advise them on sustainability matters.
  • Install online energy consumption monitoring system in one of the SAN facilities.
  • Maintain the online energy consumption monitoring system in the Main campus
  • Ensure lights are switched off afterhours.
  • Raise the awareness among KU community toward sustainability and protecting the environment and resources. ..
  • Discuss the opportunities of energy and water consumption reduction with KU contractors during the regular monthly meetings.
  • Regularly meet with KU contractors to highlight importance of environmental protection and maintain sustainability practice.
  • Segregate recyclable waste to be collected for recycling and reuse. Assess the consumption profile of water and electricity in the facilities to determine the significate contributors and accordingly establish an effective plan for reduction.
  • Coordinate with a specialized Envirofina company to conduct a comprehensive survey for lights in SAN campus to determine the areas of improvements in line with financial feasibility.
  • Ensure all waste generated from the facilities are collected, transported and disposed as per the relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Obtain the temporal water and electricity consumption, update and maintain the databases.